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10 Most Popular Georgian Dishes

Suluguni სულგუნი Suluguni cheese is almost the lifeline of Georgian cuisine. It is found in many but it is the key ingredient in Georgia's most famous cheese bread dishes called khachapuri. It is similar to mozzarella but slightly higher in acidity but lower in moisture content. This character makes it perfect for melting and gives it the signature cheese pull quality.

Khachapuri ხაჭაპური Khachapuri is undoubtably the most popular dish from Georgia. Khachapuri literally translates as cheesebread, "khacha" meaning curds and "puri" meaning bread. It comes in forms depending on which region they are from but the most distinctive include Imeruli, Megruli, Penovani, Guruli and of course the most famous from the Black Sea region known as the Adjarian Khachapuri.

Khinkali ხინკალი

Arguably the 2nd most popular dish in Georgia, khinkali are hand-rolled and oversized soup dumplings with the characteristic Georgian flavor of khmeli suneli spice mix. The doughy nub on top is not for eating but for holding as you bite in & enjoy : )

Satsivi საცივი While satsivi is not as well know internationally, it is a staple favorite of every household in Georgia. Each family makes it differently and it can vary quite a bit from region to region but fundamentally it is a Georgian curry usually made with a chicken bullion base, ground walnuts, garlic and a Georgian 5 spice. Some regions go with the Khemli Sunli mix, some like kharcho Suneli and yet others Utsho Suneli. Certain recipes also call for red wine vinegar or pomegranate juice. It is sometimes served with Gomi grits, or chicken and others with hard boiled egg.

Kharcho ხარჩო) Soup culture is big in Georgia. There are many popular options but karcho, a chili and beef based stew, is by far and away the most consumed. It is hearty enough for lunch and dinner but it is also a favorite as a hangover brunch boost.

Pkhali ფხალი Pkhali is a one of the most popular side dishes of Georgia. It is a 2 component dish. The first component is a roasted and shredded vegetable (usually beetroot, eggplant or bitter green and seasonally squash, pumpkin or carrot) in a bahze paste which is essentially a reduced version of satsivi. The two are blended, formed into a ball and garnished pomegranate seeds.

Adjapsandali აჯაფსანდალი Adjapsandali is a Georgian ratatouille of slow roasted vegetables in a Georgian 5 spice and usually served cool the next day. It likely migrated over to Georgia from Armenia or at least shares some common history.

Ketzse Dishes კეცზე

Ketsze are Georgia clay pots that are used for baking of several Georgian dishes. Among them are Suluguni covered mushrooms, Kartuli style potatoes and a variety of Lobio (bean stews).

Shashliki მწვადი Shashlik are a variety of kabobs and a fan favorite dish across the Caucuses and former Soviet Union republics of the South Eastern regions of Europe. Also called Mtsvadi in Georgia, shashliki are a staple of the backyard BBQ.

Georgian Condiments A Georgian BBQ would be nothing without the condiments. The 3 most poplar are Adjika, Tkemali and Satsebel. Adjika აჯიკა is a hot, spicy, but subtly flavored chili paste. The ancient technology for adjika was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia list. Tkemali ტყემალი is as popular in Georgia as ketchup. It is essentially a BBQ sauce made of cherry plums of various ripeness. The level of ripeness lends a more sweet or tart flavor and varies in color from red to green to yellow. Satsebeli საწებელი is a Georgian salsa of red or green peppers, chilis, tomatoes, fresh garlic, onion and Georgian spices and herbs.


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